Hello world!

Welcome to my website/ blog that is just in the beginnings.     Nature and Design have always been my thing… from roaming the woods looking for wild flowers as a child, to visiting very museum I could while living in Europe as a professional ballet dancer and then my own gardens as an adult.   10 years ago, I heard about sustainable green roofs and the wonders they are for the environment and let’s say I was hooked!   Not totally, it took a trip back to the mid-west to make me realized how deep my love of the land was and that designing clothes – no matter how “chic” it is – using nature and her beauty to design to make people happy suited me better.     Looked around at schools for Landscape Architecture / Design and found Columbia’s Master’s program in Landscape Design and it was the best choice of my life!

Jean and company can design, install and maintenance NYC terraces, Roof Tops and gardens.  Jean has a green thumb and a few clients sheeply ask to have plants “pruned” after only a year under Jean’s loving care.   And a few sickly plants even surprised Jean with coming through with flying colors after afew months ofcare.

Designing for sites  in the tri-state region is no issue and can easily be done with wonderful results.